About us

Lindsey and Kyle Glasgow owners of Intrepid Traveler Coffee Company

Our story

We believe every day has the potential to be an adventure; that we can find inspiration and excitement in both far away places and right outside our doors. For us, there is no greater adventure than sampling coffee beans, recipes and flavors from around the world. We found inspiration sipping espresso standing in a small cafe in Italy and exploring different blends from our neighborhood coffee roasters in Southern California. Intrepid Traveler Coffee Company was founded in 2020 with the goal of providing the same inspiration and flavors from around the world right inside your own home.

Our coffee

We believe that our success should be shared all the way down to the hands that grow our beans. Our roasting partners work directly with the farmers to create mutually beneficial and respectful relationships. You can read more about the farmers that grew our coffee here

All of our coffee beans are sampled and handpicked by our roast master and certified Q grader Will. The beans are then small-batch roasted, allowing for the richest and freshest tasting cup of coffee possible.  

Our values 

We believe in doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint on the world, leaving our beaches cleaner than we found them and preserving Mother Nature's beauty for generations to come. 

Together, we can make a big difference. In buying this coffee, you are helping us to make the world a healthier place for generations to come by supporting various nonprofits working to improve the environment. We also work with Ecologi to plant at least one tree for every purchase made on our website. You can read more about our sustainability efforts here